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Firearms Training

Image by Thomas Tucker

Do you own a gun, carry a handgun, think about handgun instruction or keep a gun for self-defense?  If so, firearms training by qualified firearms instructors is the next logical and responsible step.

Handgun instruction, rifle training, and shotgun training of the highest quality is offered to both law enforcement and the private citizen.  In response to the continuing needs and requests of the serious combat shooter, programs aside from firearms instruction were expanded outside the typical shooting school norm. This includes peripheral weapons training and instruction such as weapon retention, knife defense, and hand-to-hand combat /self defense classes.

At the core of TheAngel Eye Group's belief for firearms instruction is the notion that students should be exposed to a variety of firearms instructors, firearms training doctrines, and shooting skill sets.

In recognizing these variables, every effort is made to offer firearms training that will meet the particular needs of the individual.  Whatever your reason, whatever your skill level, Angel Eye Investigations is here to assist you in finding the appropriate training.

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