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Security Consulting
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With over 30 years of experience, The Angel Eye Group takes a strategic approach to people, education, and management--proving that the best protection for businesses can only be achieved through uncompromising standards.

The Angel Eye Group encompasses the characteristics of outstanding security: top-quality people, extensive learning and development, and focused management.

Our Services
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Our Services

Our staff consists of highly skilled, seasoned investigators, drawn from  Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies. Each Investigator is a qualified expert in his or her area of expertise with ongoing training and certification in the criminal, corporate, private sector and Insurance investigative arena


The Angel Eye Group employs full-time and part-time certified law enforcement officers.


With over 30 years of experience, The Angel Eye Group takes a strategic approach...


Do you own a gun, carry a handgun or think about the need for handgun instruction?


Today's high tech vehicles require a high tech repossessor to safely, and professionally recover.


A sound executive protection program is critical within today's business and
economic environment.

Emergency Services

We are experienced n maintaining peace during strikes, periods of mass downsizing, or other labor situations.

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"The people who visit the facilities we serve--responding to customer needs on a daily basis--are former high-ranking state and local police officers and distinguished military officers, as well as graduates of prestigious institutions of higher education."

Ready to find out more?

We strongly believe that what separates us from our competition is our strong commitment to excellence in each and every service we undertake. Our clients can be assured that their case will be handled in the most professional manner at all times. Each service will be handled with a high degree of integrity and personal attention to our clients' needs. This is the Angel Eye difference: a company founded on a commitment to integrity and excellence. 

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