Your Guardian Angel is Watching
Your Guardian Angel is Watching



A strong background in corporate related investigations relating to employee related matters, workers compensation, sexual harassment, workplace violence and wrongful termination. We specializing in undercover operations, assets related matters and employee theft or fraud investigations.


We also do investigations in Insurance Educational Certificates in multi-line investigations such as workers compensation claims, surveillance, statement taking, accident reconstruction, general liability and personal injury claims. Thousands of hours Investigative experience in serving insurance carriers, corporations, law firms and business owners in this regard.


Proven track record in infidelity investigations & child custody matters. All aspects of domestic investigations including infidelity matters, marital asset Investigation, child custody location and related matters, asset research and location including employment and income verification of spouse or significant other.

Our experience

30 plus years experience in surveillance, digital photography, and assets research locating person(s) and employment, and income verification.

Way to go!

Angel Eye Group has been awarded a Best of 2015 award because of great customer reviews. 

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