Your Guardian Angel is Watching
Your Guardian Angel is Watching

high-end repos


Today's high tech vehicles require a high tech repossessor to safely, and professionally recover your collateral, as quickly as possible. We can track down and repossess almost any high-end vehicle anywhere. We regularly repossess vehicles that other "repo" companies have hunted for months. The best skip tracers, and expert repossessors give us the ability to repo the vehicles with which our competitors have failed with.


Marine &  Aviation Repossessions
Big or small we will repossess them all.  We have experienced personnel with current Air/Marine certifications, ready to repossess any boat or plane. Angel Eye has access to marine registration databases and repair facilities that are able to locate almost any missing boat.

We have the  top-notch trained agents equipped with the  finest repossession technology available. Our skip tracing staff are vehicle experts. We have access to the best databases as well as service records from most air and marine manufacturers.

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